Take Note

My room is loaded with bags and bags of fabric, it's crazy what amazing scraps I find it brings me happiness all over again. Okay, take into consideration before I start sewing I literally have NO idea what the heck I am going to make. Due to my inexcusable diseases (procrastination and laziness) I'm usually left with less ideas and so little time. But sometimes the outcomes are GREAT, a few days ago I found a lovely 1 yard piece of green print stretch mesh in my scraps. The gray skirt I made months ago in which I was"suppose" to make a top to go with. That night I went out for dinner the taco's was AWESOME btw. I finished the top with in 2 hours grabbed anything that wasn't too much but yet looks good with a weird print like this one. In my head, I tend to put color patterns and printed contrast together in which becomes my outfit usually. It usually depends on the colors and the fabric type that makes everything work, I also try to keep it trendy and simple. Had a good night and no outfit malfunctions took place. Thank God!

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